Accelerated Math

Accelerated Math's advanced technology helps provide the essential math practice component of our math curriculum. Click here to get to the site



ACCELERATED MATH is the math PRACTICE program used at Our Lady of Peace. The objectives included in the program are based on the required Ohio standards including the vital common core objectives considered crucial by all math educators. Beyond that, there are some objectives from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Those objectives often stretch the abilities of the student and encourage higher level thinking. To help students and parents, THERE ARE WORKED EXAMPLES OF EVERY PROBLEM ON HOME CONNECT for objectives from Grade 3 through Grade 8.

Each student has a monthly goal. That goal should not be difficult for the child to achieve. Hard work, practice, and routine are vital. Please log on to Home Connect right now and see where your child stands. The numbers in the green circles are the objective numbers. The objective numbers are also listed at the top of tests and practices.

MATHFACTS IN A FLASH   Practice. Practice. Practice.

It’s a fact: Students who become fluent in basic math fact combinations are ready to meet more advanced math challenges in algebra and beyond. And, while most students learn how to calculate these combinations, MathFacts in a Flash helps to ensure that students gain the automatic recall such mastery requires—an essential element of common core.  There are seventy-one levels of MathFacts in a Flash using addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, squares, decimals, and percentages.